Capturing Your Love, Rain or Shine: 5 Tips for Fab Wedding Photos in Any Weather

As a wedding photographer, I know how unpredictable the weather can be, especially here in the UK. But there's no need to let a rainy forecast put a damper on your celebration - we can work together to make sure you get incredible photos no matter what!

Do you have a back-up plan should it rain on your wedding day? How are you planning to handle a rain shower or downpour if your dream wedding is booked for outside or a storm occurs whilst your wedding is taking place inside and you have chosen that venue because the grounds are so beautiful, they suit your wedding vision and make for jaw dropping wedding pictures?


Make they know how you feel about a weather problem – it’s a good idea to share your feelings beforehand so that everyone is prepared to support both of you and your wedding party.

Talk to the venue and photographer together because they can help with last-minute rainy-day wedding suggestions. There is a lot that they can do and it is likely that they will be used to it.

Make sure the venue can create you a Plan B! Sometimes this is needed in short notice, weather doesn't wait for anyone! It is likely that can provide useful umbrellas and shelter and your photographer will know all about good and bad lighting. 

Get the photographer to do a recce inside the venue for innovative and beautiful places indoors that will show off your wedding dress and make you both stand out, look glamorous and capture your wedding vision.


Any changes you make to the timing of the reception or photo location because of the weather – tell your guests. Allocate this task to your best man and maid of honour (or the toastmaster if you have one), remember young children get bored quite quickly so may be consider purchasing activities or a child’s entertainer beforehand.

Also, consider that the temperature often drops after the rain and your older relatives may feel the cold, have pashminas or blankets – a ‘To Have and To Hold in Case You Get Cold’ container is a useful purchase and the pashminas or blankets make a lovely wedding keepsake for nan and grandad!


Your makeup will be fine; however, waterproof mascara is a must! Whilst we hope and pray you won’t have a rainy wedding day some last-minute considerations to your hair are worth discussing with your hairdresser/stylist. 


Seems obvious, but make sure you have ENOUGH UMBRELLAS FOR EVERYONE! I have seen so many times there just aren't enough to go around. Especially if you planned an outdoor wedding. Umbrellas themed to your wedding vision or translucent ones can make for memorable wedding photographs too.


Rainy wedding photos are incredibly atmospheric. The moody skies make a gorgeous backdrop. A little rain brings so much emotion and adds visual interest. Give off the good vibes then you and your guests will be happy and you can all enjoy YOUR special day.

Most of all, remember to enjoy yourselves, rain or shine! Smile through any surprises - those become the best memories. I'll be ready with my camera to capture all the joy, laughter and romance. The weather may be unpredictable, but our ability to have an amazing day is not. Let it rain - we've got this!

I'm excited to tell the beautiful, unique story of your wedding day through pictures you'll treasure. Rain or sun, let's work together to make it everything you've dreamed! Get in touch anytime to discuss capturing your perfect memories.