An lesbian couple holding each other close, smiling as the wind blows
The groom twirls his bride in a beam of sunset light on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral.
A stylish wedding couple sitting in front of a grand mirror
A bride and groom cross the streets of London at a zebra crossing.
A wedding couples poses in front of the beaming sun.
A shot from behind of a lesbian couple with their hands in the air.
A couple poses on the steps of hedger house.
A wedding couple shot from beneath of the grand stair case of Home House London.
A bride walks down the aisle with her father as the groom looks back at her.
A wedding couple passionately hold each other close in front of a lake
A wedding couple in front of a grand Manor House in the middle of a field
A black and white image of a bride and groom walking away from camera, as a London black cab drives by and the trees create an interesting shadow on the foreground
A bride and groom with big smiles laugh together
a wedding couple in front of their breakfast table
A bride and groom in a rowing boat together.


Elegant, Natural & Timeless Wedding PhotograpHY

Ryo Ishikawa, Indigo Images Wedding Photographer in Hertfordshire and London, standing in front of a wall with flowers and an old rusty car. This was taken in Winchester.

Hi, I'm Ryo


I'm a passionate photographic story teller based in Hertfordshire and London.

When you choose me as your wedding photographer, you're not just getting an experienced professional, you're inviting a trusted partner into one of the most precious days of your life. I'll be by your side every step of the way - from our first meeting to discuss your vision, to working seamlessly with your other vendors to help bring your dream wedding to life.

My natural, unobtrusive style will capture all the heartfelt joy, laughter, tears, and tenderness you'll want to cherish forever. I have an eye for beauty and creative composition that comes through in my photographs. My goal is for my work to tell the unique story of you and your love in a way that you'll want to relive again and again.

I can't wait to learn more about you as a couple and to document your wedding journey. Please get in touch to set up a consultation - and start planning the photographic storytelling adventure of a lifetime!

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“Rock Hitched Wedding Award Winner Hitched Wedding Awards 2024 Best of BrideBook Award Winner Guides For Brides Award Winner “The “Weddings “Windsor, Google 5 Star Photographer Review
A wedding couple standing in front of the Rowling lake at Euridge Manor and Orangery
Savoy Wedding Photographer

I am a story teller

Capturing life, love and memories. The raw emotions and joyous occasions.

Through elegant, timeless wedding photography I bring back experiences that let you remember and relive those magical moments.

Choosing your wedding photographer should be the most considered investment of your wedding day. After all, what you’ll have left at the end of the day will be each other, your rings, and your photos!

Connecting with you as a couple on a personal level, brings out the best in you, put you at ease, make you laugh, showcase the real you in the pictures. It's more than about beautiful couples pictures.

Before your wedding day, I will take time to get to know you and to get you comfortable with me. I offer free consultations, venue visits and meetings as well as pre-wedding shoots to work on any worries you may have about being in front of the camera. I will be there with you every step of the way to make your personalities shine out into the photographs!

Wedding couple with a horse looking over the fence

Always there for you

Unlimited consultations.

We are only an email, phone call or message away

Bride in front of Botleys Mansion

Natural Photography

Friendly, timeless and elegant.

Making you comfortable in front of the lens.

Groom having a great time with guests

5 Star Rating

Good is never enough for us.

We only strive for the best!


I create a relaxed and easy-going atmosphere for your special day. My natural flair for mingling with people and making them feel at ease ensures that everyone can relax and be themselves in front of the camera.

Ryo Ishikawa, Wedding Photographer of indigo images Wedding Photographer in Hertfordshire and London. Wearing a tuxedo with bow tie
  • My approach is relaxed, kind and courteous. I believe this is crucial to create natural images that truly capture the essence of your special day.

  • I strive to be unobtrusive and blend seamlessly into your wedding day. I don't want to be a distraction or take away from the special moments happening around me. Instead, I work to capture your story in a way that feels natural and unforced. My elegant pictures showcase this approach, allowing you to remember the day as it truly happened.

  • I specialise in creating breathtaking photos that showcase the love, joy, and intimacy of your special day. I capture the moments you may have missed, and immortalise them in stunning images that will be treasured for a lifetime. By taking the time to understand your family dynamics, I am able to create memories that are truly meaningful and significant.

  • Capturing the essence of your story is my specialty. As a documentary photographer, I'm passionate about narrating your special day through a complete series of pictures. I have an eye for capturing candid moments and those deeply romantic and timeless shots. Knowing when to get closer and when to step back is key to my style of photography.

  • Personable and candid, capturing unscripted and spontaneous moments that are truly authentic. I strive to ensure that everything I do and say aligns with the tone of your special day, resulting in images that are a true reflection of your unique love story.
A wedding table with flowers, candlea and ornate cutlery, partially absurd behind an opaque drape



Let's see if we're a good fit for eachother.


Signing the contract and pay the reservation deposit to secure the booking.


Experience being photographed to get you comfortable in front of the camera and with me being your photographer! A personal touch I do with every couple.


Complete a questionnaire to make sure no moment is missed.


Relax and enjoy your big day while I take care of the rest.

A newlywed couple walking down stairs hand in hand

We are so happy that we chose Ryo to photograph our wedding and cannot thank him enough for his work.

Ryo has a very naturalistic style that appealed to us from the very beginning. He was always in the right place at the right time throughout the day to capture important, intimate moments with the family. He also has an expert eye for making the most of the venues we chose, and highlighting the little details that mean so much to us.


A close up shot of a bride with a luxurious grand veil over her head

"But I hate my picture being taken!"

You're not alone, so do I.

I make sure to get to know you before your wedding day so that you're comfortable with me and will feel relaxed in front of the camera. Throughout your wedding preparations, I'm here for you and I have your back.

"I don't know how to pose"

I keep things simple and elegant. With gentle guidance, I get you to be you and your personality to shine through. Your wedding day will be captured and the moments preserved as it unfolds. No cheesy photos or awkwardly-posed photos because nobody wants that, right?

YOUR wedding day

I'll help guide you on ideal photo spots, based on the time and light on the day. This is one of the things we'll discuss when we go through your timeline together. After the wedding, when you both look back through your wedding album, these timeless and film-like photos will transport you back to those happy moments!

A same sex (LGBTQ+) couple walking, looking at each other lovingly while one kisses the other's hand.


I believe that every love matters.

I love all couples equally and welcome the LGBTQ+ community in the celebration of your love. Your wedding (or whatever you decide to call your celebration) are equal and the most special day for us all., and firmly believe that it is so important to be all inclusive and equality minded when it comes to weddings and celebrations. Every couple and every person is different and we want to give your day a unique set of images that reflects you as an individual or couple. I treat each person we work with as an individuals and are very much focussed on getting you to be yourselves in front of the camera.

It never matters who you are or how you identify. Your wedding or any celebration that you want to do is just as important as any other. I am proud to have a stated commitment to equality and working with diverse or same sex couples, along with gender neutral language across all of our communications.

If you are looking for a LGBTQ+, Gay, Lesbian friendly wedding photographer do get in touch, I would love to hear all about your plans!

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Let's talk!

Couples have found that a quick 15min Zoom, Google Meet or WhatsApp call with me can answer a lot of your questions and see if we are a good fit to work together. If you would like to book one in, you can do so by clicking one of the options below.