Mel and sam's winchester couples shoot

When Mel and Sam contacted me from Canada it was quite a surprise. they recently got engaged and were in the UK visiting Sam's family who are from Winchester.

As I researched locations for Mel and Sam's shoot, I was surprised to find very few examples of engagement sessions in Winchester. This historic city is such a gem, with its quaint alleys, medieval architecture, and lush parks. I wanted to capture the beauty of Winchester while spotlighting the couple, so I spent time scouting and planning unique backdrops as I wrote out in a previous blog.

We photographed Mel and Sam strolling hand-in-hand across the ruins of Wolvesey Castle, at the wonderfully classy area in front of the Gurkha museum and at the magnificent Winchester Cathedral with Intimate embraces in the arched passageways. It was a mixed day with overcast skies and some sunshine peeking through. Winchester's diverse landscapes provided a fairy tale setting to chronicle Mel and Sam's love. I know they will cherish these images celebrating their engagement in this English countryside town