I'm going to keep this short

As a wedding photographer, I get to witness countless wedding speeches. From tear-filled maid of honor toasts to hilarious best man roasts, the speeches are often a highlight of the reception. 

Over the years, I’ve noticed that the very best wedding speeches have a few key things in common:

First, keep it short and sweet. You really only need 5 minutes or less to say what's important. Rambling on too long quickly loses people's interest. 

Next, speak from the heart. Don't just copy something from the internet or try to be overly clever. The most moving speeches come straight from your genuine emotions and thoughts. 

Finally, be real, honest, and personal. Share a meaningful memory about the couple, offer a piece of marriage advice, or express what their love means to you. Avoid cliches and inside jokes that guests won't understand. 

The bottom line is that inspiring wedding speeches let the couple and guests really get to know the real you. They come across as authentic, come straight from the heart, and keep things concise. Follow these tips, and you'll deliver a speech to remember.