Genuine Leather Covers

Cover Options

Genuine Leather

Our handcrafted genuine leather covers are foil embossed for a timeless finish using responsibly sourced hides from the UK & Ireland. Each unique piece of leather is individually selected for your cover, checked for imperfections and trimmed by hand before being bound onto your album. Choose from one of 18 beautiful colours.


For a truly timeless look & feel, we use traditional methods to emboss the leather by hand, using techniques that are generations old. This elegant and tactile method presses the letters deep into the cover material and is finished with a selection of colours - Gold, Rose Gold, Silver & Black

Acrylic Covers

A high definition print encased seamlessly between bevel cut acrylic.

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A brand new modern offering to or lineup, wooden covers can be embossed, engraved or printed on to make it truly one of a kind.

Genuine Leather Colours

Faux Leather Options

We offer choices of vegan faux leather which is smooth to the touch and gives you a clean look & feel with a quality finish.

Your album will be fully bound in leatherette by one of our master binders and can be personalised in the exact same way our genuine leather covers can be.

End Papers

The finishing touch for your bespoke photo album. Pick between black and white end papers to bookend your story.

Black End Papers

White End Papers