How to make a favourites list for your album

1: Click the Favourites Button

To get started, click on the Favourites Button on the top right of your gallery

2: Log in with your email

This is so you can come back to it again later

3: Click on Create New List

This makes a new Favourite list just for your album selection

4: Name the list Album

You can really name it what ever you would like, but Album makes it easy to remember

5: Click on the heart

The heart icon on each image will allow you to add images into your favourites lists

6: Add images to your Album list

This will keep all your selections in one place.

Alternatively, if you prefer to make your selection on your computer, you can make a folder containing all your favourites. We will provide you with a cloud drive link for you to upload the images to us from your computer.

That's it!

For a 40-page album we suggest anywhere between 80-100 images.

With albums we always say less is more, so carefully consider all your selections to make your album personal.