Gene is a photographer with over 19 years experience that span across many genres of photography from Wedding Photography to Family Portraits, Press and Forensic photography.

As a child growing up in the 80's his senses were overloaded with images of movie posters, the beautiful and daring cinematography of that decade left an impression on him.

" I fell in love with their colour, texture, expressions and emotions. I view weddings like those movies with gorgeous colours of the flowers and the bridesmaids dresses, soft delicate textures of the wedding dress and a range of beautiful expressions and emotions. I feel blessed to watch couple express their love for each other in so many different ways; from that first look at each other as the wedding march plays to that intimate first dance where the guest are watching but for them they are the only two people, I capture beautiful moments like these so when you to look into your album in years to come you see the love you have for each other in those images. "

Gene has been photographing with Indigo Images for over three years. A very talented documentary wedding photographer, he is a core part of the Indigo Images team.

Indigo Images

London & Surrey Wedding Photographer